Celebrity Style: Why You Don’t Want To Dress Like Vanessa Hudgens

March 16, 2011 • Celebrity Style, Yahoo


Simona Kogan for Second City Style Magazine

There are the stars whose styles we adore. There are the Marion Cotillards, the Victoria Beckhams, and the Rachel Bilsons, whose styles we covet. There are the celebs who have become style icons.

And then there are the others. The celebrities who look like they threw something together and walked out the door, knowing they would be photographed. The ones who want to make some kind of risque statement, so they toss on some trashy clothes. The ones who have on a great ensemble and then mess it up by adding some extraneous garment that looks out of place. Yes, unfortunately, we've seen those celebrities, and we know them by name.

Disney star Vanessa Hudgens is one of those celebrities. It's not just that she can dress young and teeny-bopperish. In fact, we've seen her in the toughest leather jackets and tightest bandage dresses that would make Paris Hilton jealous. And when one dresses young, they can do so in a fresh and youthful manner, while still making the ultimate style statement (think Hailee Steinfeld, Emma Roberts…)

It's that she does it all wrong. Hudgens just doesn't know how to pick pieces and properly put them together. When she has a stylist is on hand, you'll know because that's when she'll wear nothing more than a form-fitting dress and a pair of stark heels. But left to her own devices, the rumpled chic meets boho fashionista style statement Hudgens is trying to make is just not working for her. Here's proof of what I mean:

1. Long Maxi Dress, Tan Biker Jacket
Yes, I know the dress is an urban chic version of a Louis Vuitton maxi dress, but did Hudgens have to mess up the look with the off-kilter tan leather jacket? I know throwing leather jackets over dresses is the hip thing to do, but that's when the jacket is black and the dress is a mini.

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