Women Are Lying About Their Shoe Collection

March 16, 2011 • Accessories


Speaking of shoes from our last post, I'm pretty sure I don't believe this poll. A lot of these women must be liars. That's the only explanation for the numbers.

According to a national poll completed via household telephone and released by Shop Smart magazine, women on average own 17 pairs of shoes and spend around $49 on each pair. Only 17?! I have over 17 pairs just lying on the floor in front of me, not even accounting for the ones in boxes stacked by the closet and the unseasonal pairs in boxes.

Other facts include:

  • Only 33% of women have spent more than $100 on a pair of shoes (If that includes boots, they are still liars).
  • 29% of women feel comfortable buying shoes online.
  • 39% of women perfect fats above everything else (DEFINITELY BELIEVABLE, though I'm sure that number should be a bit larger).
  • Only 25% of women have worn shoes that are 4" or higher.

That last fact could be true. Anyone who's worn a pair of 4" heels and didn't take them off three minutes after wearing them, is apart of that 25% and worldwide, that's alot of hurting women. Plus, the fact that the poll was done over the phone proves that point.

– Taneisha Jordan

Source: Fashionista
Photo: Daily Mail UK

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