Be a Part of Lady GaGa’s “Masterpiece” For MAC Viva Glam

March 18, 2011 • Magazine


MAC Viva Glam is asking you to be a part of a "masterpiece" created by spokeswoman Lady GaGa and her stylist Nicola Formichetti. Boy, oh boy.

Apparently, in order to create this new stint campaign, they need audience participation. According to the MAC Viva Glam website, "Gaga believes every single one of her fans is an artist. With attitude as liberation, style as revolution–we will create the largest global fashion collaboration ever. Your gorgeous faces can be a part of an epic movement that shows the world what can happen when people that care speak with one voice. It’s time to sparkle together!"

And with that, you must submit a profile photo to become a piece of wearable art, which will of course be donned by GaGa. I was thinking one of those portraits that takes smaller pictures of different colors and people to create one large photo but that would be too easy. We're talking about the woman who came to the Grammys locked in a pod just so she wouldn't have to talk to Ryan Seacrest for her performance. It's got to be a bit more outlandish than that.

Lady GaGa aside, it's for a good cause. MAC continues to raise money for MAC AIDS Fund, with over $200 million to date. So, which picture are you sending in?

– Taneisha Jordan


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