Worker’s $2M Lawsuit Because NJ is Unfashionable

March 18, 2011 • Fashion


Mental anguish, detrimental to your health, unfashionable people… Yes, these are all grounds for a lawsuit against working in New Jersey.

Thomas Horodecki, who was ranking manager in Elie Tahari stores, moved him from New York to managing a in-store Tahari boutique at Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale's in Hackensack and the Neiman Marcus in Paramus in New Jersey. And that's when the trouble started:

""It was the smog. It was depressing driving to Jersey," Horodecki said. "The traffic was horrendous on Route 4, and they are pretty bad drivers. The stores are kind of cheesy for the most part… New York City has everything when it comes to fashion, especially Saks. And when it comes to styling, let's just say Jersey is difficult. Fashion it is not!"

"Mentally, I just started going crazy. I had a breakdown. I was crying to my partner," he said. "Depression set in. I couldn't go to work anymore. I'm presently seeing a psychologist and [I'm] on Zoloft."

This dude got two different lawyers to back up his $2 million lawsuit.  Horodecki also notes that he was passed over for less senior female Israeli staffers and claimed that all of those women would vacation together. His complaints allegedly got him transferred to New Jersey.

If that's what it takes not to have to work in New Jersey. Retail workers in the area take note…

– Taneisha Jordan

Source; Photo: NY Post

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