Un Parfum Pour Japon (A Perfume For Japan)

March 21, 2011 • Beauty, Yahoo

Japon Since the tragic events devastated Japan last week, people from all over the world have been showing their support through various aid and relief efforts. But few stories have been as touching as Paris based perfumer Louison Libertin of the label Technique Indiscrete

Libertin found himself in an unusual position when a client dropped out of an agreement at the last minute, leaving the perfumer with 1000 bottles of specially created fragrance. Days later, the earthquake and tsunami destroyed the beautiful landscape of Japan, including the perfume factory in Kankou that Libertin had been working with closely for the past 2 years. 

Fearful for his friends and colleagues in the Kankou area, Libertin immediately knew what he had to do with his 1000 bottles of overstock. He revamped the flacons of the lavender scent, changed their packaging and made it all about "them": the victims of the horrible catastrophe. Reps for the perfumer issued this statement: "However the world having gotten smaller in the past decades, Japan doesn't seem so far anymore, a lot among us have friends there and more and more people are realizing that, and, that's the way Louison puts it himself: "on est un seul peuple"-  We are only ONE people."

Do your part to help the people of Japan by purchasing one of the Technique Indiscrete lavender scented limited edition flacons at: http://www.techniqueindiscrete.com/. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the inhabitants of Kanku, a town that has been severely hit by the tsunami, and a 10% rebate is being offered for the first 100 customers. For more information on the region, visit http://www.m-kankou.jp/.

-Alia Raput

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