Rainy Chic: This Season’s Hottest Rain Boots

March 27, 2011 • Magazine

Rainy Chic: This Season's Hottest Rain Boots

Rainy Chic: This Season's Hottest Rain Boots

Mon, 2000-03-27 02:00

Amanda Aldinger

As we near the end of March, Spring is showing signs of its spry little self, providing teases of sunshine, but, most noticeably (and obnoxiously) the arrival of April showers. Having the power to ruin an outfit in an instant, there’s nothing more frustrating than waking up to puddle-soaked streets and having to reframe a planned look so that it’s “rain appropriate.” While shoes are obviously the most affected, luckily designers are getting sartorial with their rain boots, helping to keep your feet dry, and your look complete when the weather goes south. Take a look at this season’s hottest rain boots:

1. Burberry Studded Wellies $395
I really can’t think of anything better than a badass rain boot and Burberry’s studded wellies have some serious attitude. These black, high gloss boots feature four rows of silver studs along the top of the boot, laid over Burberry’s iconic checked print. Slamming through puddles in these babies won’t be a problem at all, as your studded stomp keeps you dry all day long.

2. Loeffler Randall Rain Bootie $165
Jessie Randall is the queen of designing amazing footwear that is also comfy and functional, and these little rain booties are no exception. Although rain boots can certainly be stylish, it can be a drag spending your entire winter/spring with your legs covered, which is exactly where these darling ankle-high gems come in. Available in black and hunter green, you can show off your gams and keep your feet dry, all at the same time — at a modest price, too!

3. Chooka Herringbone Boot $59.99
I am a big fan of classic prints and these fabulous charcoal herringbone boots from Chooka really hit the spot. Featuring a great double-buckle around the top, these boots are the perfect way to take your rainy-day dress from frenzied to fashionable. Perfect for all types of weather — and at less than $100 — these boots will definitely become a major staple in your closet.

4. Hunter Wedge Rain Boots $175
We’re all familiar with the regular Hunter style, and many of you probably sport your own pair, but the very worst thing about rain boots is undoubtedly the lack of a heel. I’m a short lady, and I prefer to give my 5’4” frame an edge up whenever possible. So, god bless Hunters and their new wedge boot, which not only provides ample height with its 3” heel, but also revamps their classic logo a bit, for a look that’s entirely fresh. Definitely a go-to for feeling fancy in the rain.

5. Hunter Metallic Rain Boots $145
Metallics are the best neutral. Ever. Shimmery and bright, but not obnoxious, whether in jewelry, makeup, or Hunters, a good metallic is a lady’s best friend. I’m all about these metallic Hunters, which bring a shimmery spin to the classic rain boot and undoubtedly brightens your day when you’re just freaking sick of the rain. I love anything with a metallic hue, and these cool silver Hunters are a definite win./

Image Layout: Molly Murphy

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