Top Nail Trends Of The Season!

March 27, 2011 • Magazine

Top Nail Trends Of The Season!

Top Nail Trends Of The Season!

Mon, 2000-03-27 04:00

Kelley Woods

I wouldn’t say I’m the ‘know-it-all” when it comes to nail trends, but I couldn’t help but notice the amazing nail looks I have seen at New York Fashion Week, in salons and on women around town. I love what I am seeing this year! From matte to crackle to shellac, there are so many nail trends to be noticed this season and I have the 411 that you need to know!

There was one nail trend that was seen all over the runways during Fashion Week, and are now the hottest nails to get at the salon. What is it? It’s Shellac Nails, and CND has some of the most beautiful shellac colors around. The shellac application system features Base Coat, Color Coat and Top Coat, and together with a UV Lamp, they produce a flawless, resilient set that remains that way for two weeks and can be removed in 10 minutes. 

A color that some wouldn’t consider a color but is still a hot staple in polish is the color black. Black has been taking on a more sleek look and now is matte! I first saw this color on the runway at New York Fashion Week and my jaw dropped. The color reminded me of a stealth jet. The color was amazing, sophisticated and edgy, all in one. Matte black is definitely one of the hottest trends for 2011.

When I didn’t think it could get any better on the nail scene, I saw the new crackle nail polish. To use this new trend, you can first apply a base coat of polish in any color, and to get a crackle affect, apply your crackle nail polish in any color after your base color and just let it dry. Upon drying the polish starts to separate and ‘crackle’. It has to be one of the coolest effects I have seen all year. 

If you have no time for salon appointments every week, and are trying to cut back on spending, Sally Hansen has come out with Salon Effects, an instant manicure, color and design in one. Just peel and layer these fabulous designs on your nails one-by-one, and you have instant polish. Say goodbye to sitting under the nail dryer, this polish has no dry time, and gives you an instant salon effect anytime!

First seen at Fashion Week Spring 2011, the Jason Wu Collection by CND is an awesome array of nail colors are gorgeous. This first time ever spring collection has beautiful neutral colors that can be worn everyday. The kit includes 4 colors and one special Anna effect to provide a tweed finish when layered over any base. It includes Miss Wu (limestone), Brigitte (warm pink), Sophia (mushroom taupe), Veronica (blue red) and the Anna effect. Even though it’s a limited edition, you just may be able to get a piece of Mr. Wu. You won’t regret it!

1. CND Shellac Nails Find a salon near you!
2. OPI Matte Nail Polish $5.50
3. Katy Perry and Black Shatter 5 Piece Set $42.50
4. Sally Hansen Salon Effects $8.99
5. Jason Wu Collection by CND $47

Image Layout: Molly Murphy

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