Katy Perry is Out of This World

March 28, 2011 • Beauty, Celebrity Style


The year of 2011 seems to be the "alien". After Lady GaGa's "Born This Way" and her central theme of Mother Alien, Katy Perry seems to be taking the same route. At least her new song is actually called "E.T."

In her upcoming video, Perry is made up with colors focusing on hot pink, ivory, and violet lips. The blue green cat eye contacts really seem to set off the look and give it a bit more of a trendy without being too far out look. She also dons a wig made of harp-like braids and different color braids along the ends. The look turns out to be if a raver makeup artist dressed up as an alien for a drag show.

Also keeping in tune with the trends, Perry sports those talon "stiletto" nails that have been sported on Rihanna, Fergie and basically every trendy fashionista on the circuit. The video is set to premiere Thursday, March 31.


I must say, this is probably the most subtle I've ever seen her look!

– Taneisha Jordan

Source; Photos: FaceBook

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