Don’t Get Your Pantyhose In a Bunch, Hoseanna is Here to Help!

April 1, 2011 • Accessories, Fashion, Yahoo

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Have you ever had that moment (that pretty much evey woman has at some point) when you're late for a flight or a big meeting or a first date, and your tights or stockings rip? It's a bummer to say the least. Those little runs that start small soon become the fine lines between confidence and embarrassment. Luckily, a new service called Hoseanna is here to help.

Marathon Mom[8]

Hoseanna is a subscription service that provides hosiery in a pinch.  Hoseanna can give you back time you don't have to go to the store to pick up a pair of tights, especially when you get those dreaded and unpredictable runs.  Hoseanna offers a carefully curated collection for women to purchase tights whether it's for work or play. They offer a great selection of brands such as Hanes, DKNY and Hue.  As well as, a few fresh faces in the market like Bootights (one of Oprah’s 2011 Fall Must Haves) and the UK’s Pretty Polly.

Corporate Rookie[8]
For more information and to sign up for this unique service, visit!

-Alia Rajput


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  1. That’s us! Here to unknot all those pantyhose in a bunch by preempting those runs in your stockings. Thanks for the shout-out Alia. You totally nailed what we’re all about.

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