Second City Style’s Interview with Amy Keller Laird: Allure’s “Best of Beauty”

April 1, 2011 • Beauty, Yahoo


One of my all time favorite magazines and the one I look forward to getting every month is Allure magazine. Being the first and only magazine devoted to beauty, not only can I keep up with makeup and hair trends, I can discover all the new products that have hit the scene. And if that is not enough for the makeup enthusiast, Allure has the ‘Best of Beauty” Awards every year! Allure is the authority in everything beauty, so the annual Best of Beauty Awards is one of the most comprehensive and highly-coveted awards in the industry.

So, what goes into this amazing "Best of Beauty" Awards you ask? Well, as Second City Style's Beauty Editor I recently had the opportunity to interview the Deputy Editor and Beauty Director for Allure Magazine, Amy Keller Laird. Not only did I ask about some of her favorite products, but the behind-the-scenes “Best of Beauty” and what the process is like. Here is your inside look into Allure's "Best of Beauty" Awards!

Amy_Keller_Laird1b SCS: So, before we get into products we would like to know what’s the behind-the-scenes “Best of Beauty” process like?

AL: It is extremely thorough.We test for 6 months with a team of interns that log the products in over180 categories. We test the way the look way they look, feel, smell, and are they proven. We then tally and go back to drawing board and try makeup on all women of skin color… and different skin types.


SCS: Now to the products!  We find that there are certain brands that have one best again and again in the “Best of Beauty”, what are some of those products?

AL: Some of the brands are Pantene, Secret, Venus, and Olay. But, one of the brands and products that is tried and true, I would say is the Olay facial moisturizers. They have won in the last 10 years. One of them, Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream, which is a really deep rich moisturizer that doesn’t feel heavy, it’s classic, and a basic formula  with SPF 15. It’s great for dry, oily or normal skin. I would also say Fresh Sugar Lip Balm with SPF 15 wins over and over. It’s a tinted formula, that’s easy, great, and everyone on our staff loves it.

SCS: What beauty product have you received in the past that you’ve never forgotten?

AL: One product that I’m obsessed with that is being discontinued is YSL ‘Gloss Volupte’. They have an orange and raspberry color that is beautiful and an easy way to wear color but sheer …

 SCS: We have now headed into spring, What’s  the best way to transition a skincare regimen for Spring ?

AL: A good exfoliator is important from winter to spring, because it helps get rid of dead cells on the surface. As for creams, It’s amazing how now there are creams that really hydrate and don’t feel heavy. Now the formula’s have advanced that you can get the real moisture without the heaviness, and Olay’s Micro Sculpting for an example is one of them. Ingredients like glycerin is hydrating and lighter and not as heavy as say, petroleum.  

SCS: For readers who are super low-maintenance – what steps/products should they absolutely have in their beauty regimen?

AL: If you have to do one product for face, I would say deep black mascara. It’s instant definition, and makes you look younger. I would also say SPF is a definite, but also I love cream blush! It gives you such more natural looking flush, and really perks.

For an extensive list of makeup, hair and beauty products, check out Allure's current "Best of Beauty" here!

-Kelley Woods for Second City Style

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