The Outnet’s 2nd Birthday Sale!

April 5, 2011 • Fashion


Remember last year when The Outnet had their $1 birthday sale, in which they started it in the middle of the night, then by 7am when barely the scraps were left, all of their servers crashed and many people were to say the least, just a bit upset? Well, happy second birthday because The Outnet wants to have a go at this again!

April 15th marks the second anniversary but don't expect last year's disaster… the luxury discount clothing outlet will be doing things a bit differently this year. Only 2,000 tickets will be issued, with all clothing being prices at $2! You must enter for the drawing, which will happen everyday from April 5th through the 13th. Once you enter, your name will be in the drawing for every single day, so no need to sign up twice. Make sure to share with your friends too! Top 200 sharers will receive a free ticket as well! Winners will be notified everyday, 200 each day, until the last batch on April 14.

To sign up (and hopefully score some goodies this time), you can sign up at their website right now!

– Taneisha Jordan


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One Response to The Outnet’s 2nd Birthday Sale!

  1. Ella Mode says:

    Actually, April 16th is the real anniversary, but they’re celebrating on the 15th. It seems they want to make darn SUURRE that it’s on a work day.
    Contrary to you, I dislike this system. I DID score – huge – last time because I tried really hard. I took TWO days off work (I wasn’t making that much anyway) slept Thursday, woke up late and prepped sitting with email open before midnight. I sat online for hours and then pounced. Scored $1000 Louboutins for ~$6 including shipping. No, I don’t make $500 in one day, so it worked out that way. Even if I were to make a lot of money, the experience was so thrilling and special, I’d find it worth the fun and risk.
    This new system punishes those who would try hardest to “win”. Now it’s “fair” in a sense that it’s somewhat geared toward those who wouldn’t try very hard. I was on The Purse Forum with MANY like I, trying this (or almost as, honestly I was the craziest about it) hard. They were up all night (at least the Americans) with me.
    Still, people don’t know when they’ll get that email. (Remember the switching the date thing – what does that mean? Probably, just for the staff at The Outnet, honestly, but I don’t like it.) Those who don’t try could get “scraps” as you say.
    But as for me, I may not get any chance this time. Fairer to others since I already “got mine”? Maybe. I still have 13 hours to find out if I have a ticket.
    BTW, you typed the word “prices” when you meant “priced.” (There’s the American use of the period, since I’m “going there” to the correction place, haha, although personally I prefer British styling.) I’m a good copy editor but a crazy one who must “help” – yep, that’s my excuse. 😉 🙂
    I assume you entered. Good luck!

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