Blooming Bloomers: Finding The Perfect Bright-Colored Pants For Spring

April 7, 2011 • Runway/Realway, Yahoo


Alia Rajput for Second City Style Magazine

Spring has sprung! And while the weather may not yet reflect it entirely, there are plenty of ways to kick your wardrobe into high gear for the season. Sure, a sundress or two will do the trick, or that first floppy hat for those sunny days to come. But one piece of clothing people generally don’t run out to buy as soon as the temperatures start to rise is pants. After hiding our legs under fabric for months, most of us are thrilled to throw off the shackles of winter and let our bare legs free. Besides, there are not many cute options for springtime pants anyway, right? Wrong! Playful trousers in every color of the rainbow are the hottest item this spring. In fresh bursts of pink, green and yellow they pop in every kind of ensemble and are a welcome reprieve from the humdrum lineup of khaki, olive and denim. The spring runways were brimming with these candy-colored bottoms (and tops!) and we can’t help but follow suit.

What better color to associate with spring and (and the oncoming of summer) than bright, sunny yellow. As if to say, “To heck with cloudy days!” a yellow cascade of fabric will put a smile on the faces of even the sourest skeptics. Max Mara nailed the look by using the same color in two different ways. The vibrant yellow bottoms complement the subtler, shimmering top and the result is one cohesive ensemble. Another fun and flirty option comes courtesy of Paul & Joe, who poured their sunshine into a haltered, wide-legged jumpsuit. The simple one-piece boasts little else to compete with the vibrant hue, so belted, scarfed or with a little bolero—this is an instant dash of springy sass.

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