Fitting Room Fix-Up

April 7, 2011 • Shopping

There are few less pleasurable experiences than trying clothes on. It's already depressing enough to be shoved into a dim-lit white room with an item that isn't flattering or worse–requires you to buy one size up. Although there's no magic trick to make those skinny jeans fit after your pizza binge, fitting rooms around the world are getting a facelift so that you can have a pleasant experience no matter what size you're trying on.

Shops are already trying to primp up the fitting rooms by using slimming mirrors, better mirrors, and sleeker designs. Some shops are taking it a step further. Stores are now starting to keep shape wear on standby to try on with your clothes and then later for purchase. Ann Taylor is putting chandeliers and six different kinds of lighting in the fitting room. Anthropologie has expanded their rooms to make room to bring a second opinion into your room without parading around. Victoria's Secret is testing out a button system where you press a little bell from inside your room and an associate is paged to rush by your side.  Macy's even have the men in mind by adding televisions to their waiting area outside the fitting room.

Sometimes we blame the clothes for a bad shopping experience, but would little fixes make shopping less painful? The fitting room can be such a shaking experience that an associate a buzz away or some pretty chandeliers definitely couldn't hurt.

-Kat Bremhorst

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