Tired of Who You’re Following on Facebook? These Pages are Worth the “Like’!

April 7, 2011 • Social Media, Yahoo


These days, there are so many brands, designers and companies vying for our attention on Facebook, its hard to choose who is really worth that precious 'Like'. When you choose to support a page it should be a reciprocal relationship—by you "Like"ing them, they should in turn offer a wealth of allowances to show their gratitude. But many times this is not the case and your heard-earned "Like" is often tossed into obscurity, never to be discovered again.

However, there are still some gamechangers out there who are taking full advantage of the social media realm. Oscar de la Renta for example, is giving his followers an exclusive sneak peek of the house's new upcoming fragrance, Esprit D'Oscar. The new scent will be the first one the luxury label has rolled out in over ten years. Just knowing that is worth the click of the mouse!

Sole Society, the new virtual shoe closet that provides a personalized assortment of shoes each month based on each member's style profile, is also one to look out for. The site only hatched a couple months ago but is already becoming majorly buzz-worthy. The newest perk of their Facebook page involves a contest that could award you and 5 of your friends free shoes for a year! All you have to do to enter to win is, you guessed it, "Like" them. But that's a way to grab people's attention! Having all the shoes on their site under $50 sure helps too.

So if you're Facebook newsfeed is looking a little bland these days, spice it up with some new pages like these two and feel free to pass any other noteworthy ones along!

-Alia Rajput

Photo Source: Solesociety.com

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