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April 15, 2011 • Off-Topic, Yahoo

Beauty is only skin-deep. Well, sort of, there's no doubt about it that if you're not starting on the inside it's hard to look good on the outside. One easy beauty tip that can't die, is staying hydrated and more chugging water less sipping cosmopolitans. We all know that buying bottled water is lamer than idolizing Charlie Sheen, but there's something so tacky about lugging around an athletic bottle in a designer bag. There are other options! Options that look cute and make you a hero for the planet.

The Water Bobble is great for bottled water snobs. As a purified water devotee, I love the bottles built-in filter that makes any water source clean and drinkable. The filters last for about three months and come in the cutest colors.

Picture 2
For those really trying to avoid plastics, aluminum bottles are perfect. The sleek design makes it super lightweight and practically indestructible; the bright colors and fun design make it a worthy carry-along. 

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It can be a huge inconvenience to carry around an empty water bottle all day in an already overpacked purse, almost enough to make you revert back to disposable bottles all over again. Well here comes the Anti-Bottle, giving you back your extra room after you're all hydrated. These bag-like bottles roll up once empty to tuck away without hassle. The double layer walls prevent breaking and the clip is perfect for any bag (as long as you coordinate colors).

All three bottles are cute, eco-friendly, BPA free, and dishwasher safe. Did we mention how beautiful you look when you get your recommended 64 oz. a day? Which bottle is your favorite?

Bobble $9.99 

SIGG Water Bottle $24.99

Anti-Bottle $9.99

-Kat Bremhorst


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