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April 19, 2011 • Chicago, Yahoo


Everyone knows that I complain about my skin all the time. Between the discoloration and the random dry splotches, my mouth never stops running about the subject. So when I got the chance to have my free mini-facial and skin consultation at the Nordstrom DDF skincare counter, I jumped at the chance.

I got to sit down and work with DDF Specialist Amber who told me all my problems point blank: some dry spots (naturally), discoloration and scarring (of course) and my pores were a little big (ew). But she assured me it wasn't all bad news! Those were the worst of my problems and considering, I have pretty good skin for my age (she then lied and said I looked like I was 21. Bless her).


She started off with Blemish Foaming Cleanser, a natural foam cleanser containing mint and ginger root, as well as a small percentage of salicylic acid. Amber explained that this is a very important part of the facial cleansing regime, especially if any type of acne seems to be the problem. Next, she used what was my favorite part of the facial, the Revolve Micro-Polishing System. The motorized brush with help of the DDF polishing crystals, helped clear away all the dead skin and left a blank canvass to work. My skin was literally three shades brighter than when we started. If Amber hadn't done it right in front of me, I wouldn't have believed the claims.

Following this, Amber smoothed on the Erase Eye serum to add moisture to the skin, as well as decrease the dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. "Make sure to also get the top of the eyelid too," Amber explained. "And move in a dabbing motion with your ring finger. The skin here is very sensitive so the last thing you want to do is irritate it."

A client in the middle of her pampering 

IMG_0330Other clients in the middle of their consultations

To help out my larger pores, Amber used a Pore Minimizer, which also had a slight cooling effect and helped shrink my pores. And to end the consultations, Amber finished up with the Protect and Correct, which also helps diminish brown spots and discoloration. It also doubles as moisturizer and contains SPF 15 so you'll only have to use an extra moisturizer if your skin is feeling extra dry.

It only took four products to completely change my face. My skin was instantly brighter and the dark circles and pores had almost completely disappeared. I actually ended up getting the facial Blemish Foaming Cleanser and the DDF Revolve Polishing System. I am excited about them both already! Make sure to stop by the DDF counter and find out which products would work best for you!


-Taneisha Jordan

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  1. Wow i also want to have my free mini-facial and skin consultation at the Nordstrom DDF skincare counter.Have some skin problems.:(

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