The Top 5 Things I’d Like for Mother’s Day/Birthday: In Case You’re Curious!

April 20, 2011 • Fashion

My birthday is two weeks after Mother's Day so the way I look at is…I should get at least one great combo gift, right? Hmm. Last year I received a beautiful HD video camera so I could record my baby son. Sounds perfect right? Well the joke is my husband doesn't let me use it. In fact, he doesn't let me look at it and I have no idea where he stores it. It's basically his. So I got totally hosed on my first Mother's Day out of the gate.

This year I need someone to secretly send him this link because I have put some thought into this.


Jerome Dreyfuss Suede Billy Tote, $850

To know me is to know I LOVE bags. Sadly, my life is now relegated to baby bags. However, if I had this bag, I would somehow work it in to the rotation. I absolutely adore Jerome Dreyfuss and this Billy bag, even though it's one of his original styles, it still remains my favorite. And look? It's not black! Perfect for the spring/summer.


Leica D-LUX 5 10.1 Megapixel Compact Camera – 5.10 mm-19.20 mm – Black – 18151, $799

While we were dating my husband bought me a very lovely Canon digital camera for my birthday. And while it has served me well, I could really use a camera with a faster shutter speed, especially when shooting fashion shows. Nothing beats a Leica. I would totally love one. Then again, my husabnd could repo it so maybe I should stick with a bag or jewelry.


Genevieve Jones Diamond Safety Pin Earrings

I know, I know…these are always on my wish lists and yet, I still don't have them! I think my husband thinks they are a little too punk. Back in the day I was known to wear safety pins in my ears. Now I'm a little more grown up. If only a little.

Louis Vuitton Personalized Neverful

Now I'm not one to carry a Louis Vuitton bag anymore (not since the early 90's…I don't really do logos), but for some inexplicable reason this bag really resonates with me. For one, it's light. And two, you can now have it personalized. Much better looking than Goyard if you ask me. Now this is probably an unrealistic gift idea since you can pick the color combination and the color of the lining (which I found out must be one of the colors of the monogram). Knowing me I would hem and haw about the colors, thereby driving everybody crazy. I hate making such decisions. Yet, the few I have seen in person make me really want one.

Cartier Love Bracelet

I can't believe I actually want something that was inspired by a chastity belt, but I figure since they have been selling like hot cakes since 1969 it should be OK. I just want a plain gold one. No need for diamonds. Although a rose gold bracelet could be the ticket.

– Lauren Dimet Waters




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  1. OMG! Look at those dazzling diamond safety pin earrings! I love them! I love wearing unusual accessories and those are truly my type! They’re glamorous, and funky in style. Thank you for making me feel so excited about it! I wish I could go to Indianapolis right now, and find earrings like one of those. Jewelry stores out there are exceptional!

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