Retail Detail. Macy’s Introduces New Green Initiatives

April 25, 2011 • Shopping

Macy's paves the way for greener retail

Earth Day may be over but some retailers are still showing their dedication to the eco-friendly cause by unveiling new initiatives that will allow them a greener lifestyle all year long. Macy’s Inc. is setting the bar already by installing several planet-friendly programs this fall. For one, the retail chain will begin using matte black hangers made from recycled plastics for most apparel sold in its stores, replacing the standard clear plastic hangers that incorporate petroleum-based resins. Taking into account the nearly 300 million hangers used at the store each year, that should be a hefty chunk of "change"!

Other efforts include increasing the number of solar power systems at stores and other facilities, encouraging credit customers to receive bills online, rather than paper statements and offer them the “recyclebank rewards partner”, which discounts to shoppers when they register for the program at and recycle and reduce home energy use.

The store also plans to eliminate foam packaging (cups, bowls, plates and to-go containers) at in-store restaurants. Foam has been replaced by paper or plastic containers made from renewable or recyclable materials and the 4 million annual napkins used will be made from 40 percent recycled and unbleached paper. Hopefully with strides like these, more and more retailers will follow suit in the future.

-Alia Rajput

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