You Can Sue Over Leopard Print?

April 25, 2011 • Fashion


Apparently, naming a popular print after it's designer is grounds for infringement.

J.Crew named one of its cardigans the "Duquette Leopard Print Sweater" and according to the company of the deceased interior designer Tony Duquette, that's a big no no. Duquette was a prominent designer in the 1950s who used leopard print on everything from wallpaper to fabrics and now his company is alleging that J. Crew "knowingly and willfully used the Duquette trademark without permission or license in connection with leopard print.” 

Hutton Wilkinson, President and Creative Director of Tony Duquette, Inc., said in a statement: “We filed this claim to ensure our trademarks are used appropriately and only with our permission.”

Seriously? How is that even possible?! They might as well keep the lawsuit going and sue the leopard for daring to wear its own fur!

– Taneisha Jordan

Source: WWD

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