Crystal Renn is Over her “Weight Debate”

April 27, 2011 • Fashion


Crystal Renn doesn't care about her weight… and neither should you.

Renn talked to Fashionista about her weight and why it's just downright rude: "The thing is, I was recovering from anorexia. My body’s going to do some things that I don’t expect. It’s a learning process for me. The problem is when we start bashing and saying ‘Oh i think she’s not as pretty when she’s this thin’ or I even read a comment where it said I was emaciated. I’ve been called fat a million times but when someone called me emaciated, I’ve got to be honest, I got really really angry. I am not emaciated. It’s funny because if I, for instance gained the weight because I was listening to them, I’d be doing the very same thing I was doing when I started out in this industry. I was listening to others to decide where my weight should be and who I should be in general. And I refuse to do that again. It would be more hypocritical."

When Renn was considered a plus-size model only a few years ago, she sparked controversy and all types of arguments on what is considered a plus-size model considering she was never really "that" big. Becoming more high profile and the fact that she's a damn good model, Renn started booking plenty of jobs and lo and behold, she lost a few extra pounds. Renn said it was due to eating healthy and exercising, but many speculated that she had resorted back to anorexia.

So, let's just put it to rest, shall we?

– Taneisha Jordan

Source: Fashionista

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