Flash To White

April 27, 2011 • Male Box


Joseph Ungoco for Second City Style Magazine

“Fade to black” is the traditional indicator of a change of scene in a movie script. As we transition into spring from winter, I propose that we “flash to white” in the live action dramas that are our fashionable lives. For months now, I’ve been warning all of you that white is the new black and that we can – indeed, must – find ways to weave it through not only our summer but also our early spring wardrobes. Some of you have just smiled politely, ignored my exhortations, and hoped I’d go away and forget about it altogether. You “Rules” (fashion rules – not the dating ones!) readers out there have shot right back at me crying foul. “I can’t wear white before Labor Day!” “White makes me look fat!” “White gets so dirty right away!” Blah, blah, blah… Well, I say being stylish means making your own rules – sometimes, not all the time.

I grew up in California wearing white all year round. When I moved to Boston, my “proper” New England friends informed me that I could only wear white between Memorial and Labor Days. I tried it one year and the next year I decided to wear white pants on Easter Sunday and continued to wear white until Memorial Day. I got a few crooked looks, but, overall, the multitude of compliments on my emerging personal style far outweighed any potential embarrassment over breaking a “rule”.

As for the inverse of the fashion maxim that “black is slimming”, I advise that everything – even fashion – is better in moderation. I don’t expect that those of you who live in all black will suddenly jump on this season’s white hot trend, but you might at least try with one article of clothing – or even an accessory – in white. As for you messy eaters/drinkers out there, here’s a newsflash… Those fastidious people who judge you on your neatness can spot bagel crumbs and coffee stains on a black shirt just as easily as on a white one. If you’re careful about your appearance, you can wear any color you like.

Whew – now that all those silly myths are out of the way, let’s get down to pulling key pieces from online retailers so you can Flash to White!

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