More News on NBC’s New Fashion Show

April 27, 2011 • Fashion


Remember that super secret new fashion show from NBC? Well, more news is emerging …

According to reports from the New York Daily News, the show will be called "Fashion Star" and its goal will be to find America's next great mass market designer. Of course, everyone is comparing this to that other little fashion show called "Project Runway" but assured it's not. This show is looking for a designer that will "design clothing Americans would actually wear in their households."

Elle Macpherson, the new host of the show as well as a mentor to the designers,  says that there will also be emphasis on the designers building a commercial brand. "That's the part that really excites me," she says. "The challenge for contestants will be discovering what it takes to be a brand – the look of your logo, your billboards, your marketing."

The show, which will run 10 episodes, doesn't have an airdate yet. It also doesn't have its judging panel, which Macpherson says will consist of representatives of three major U.S. retailers.Those retailers will then vote with their wallets, Macpherson says, by purchasing designs on the spot. And with a twist, viewers will be able to purchase items they like.

The show will be "completely different from anything on American television," says Elle Macpherson. "We're not looking for someone to create a couture dress for the Oscars. We want someone who can design lingerie, swimwear, denim – accessible things that regular people wear."

– Taneisha Jordan

Source: NY Daily News

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