Beauty Event: SK-II’s Crystal Club

April 28, 2011 • Beauty, Events

SK-II Cellumination Mask-in Lotion
Tuesday I had my very first meeting as a new member of the SK-II Crystal Club at the gorgeous Café inside the Swarovski crystallized store in SoHo with Cate Blanchett’s primary makeup artist. I can’t wait to pass on the juicy new scoop on their latest products to you guys! The luxurious Japanese brand is launching two amazing new products that I am beyond excited about. Their Cellumination family is adding a Mask in Lotion product, and they also have a new cream foundation. Both contain SK-II’s very own powerful and exclusive ingredient, Pitera.

Pitera was discovered by Japanese Chemists, and it’s actually a naturally derived liquid filtered from yeast in the fermentation process of sake. SK-II spent years isolating this magical ingredient from the fermentation process, and it’s now used in every single product, and has become a skincare secret shared by celebrity fans all over the world like Cate Blanchett.

The Cellumination Mask-in Lotion is a lightweight liquid lotion that’s so moisturizing… you can skip the masks! Within 15 seconds of application (morning and night) enough moisture is added to the skin to replace a 15-minute substrate mask treatment! Totally genius- 15 minutes of care done in 15 seconds. The lotion is designed to boost radiance and add a glow within the skin while adding an intense dose of hydration to last all day and night.

The Facial Treatment Cream Foundation is fantastic! I’ve already been testing it out at home, and it’s fabulous. The super light sheer coverage skips the heavy makeup cake face and gives a glowing, even complexion plus bursts of Pitera throughout your day. A little tiny dab goes a long way, which is great. The cream also doubles as a great concealer! The cream formula keeps you beautifully moisturized all day using oils similar to your skins own. The cream is a perfect option for women who wear makeup for even fourteen hours at a time! The hydration lasts for 24 hours, and improves skins levels of hydration after only two weeks when worn daily.

Enjoy your journey to crystal clear skin…I know I am!

-Alyssa Buishas

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