Beauty Buzz. Liquid Eyeliner For Dummies

April 29, 2011 • Beauty, Yahoo

Love her or leave her one thing can't be denied–Taylor Swift works her liquid eyeliner on a daily basis. I have never seen the auto-tuned country cutie without a liquid lined cat-eye. Sometimes thinner, sometimes thick with dramatic wings Taylor can't go wrong with her go-to eye look.

With my gushing aside, disappointment sets in. I am incapable of applying liquid eyeliner. I've tried so many brands, colors, and formulas, but it always looks like I did my make up in a moving vehicle. 

Well, I'm happy to say that after years of uneven eyes I have finally found liquid eyeliner for dummies. The key to being able to apply this glamourous look? A felt tipped liner pen. 


The felt tipped pens are so much easier to maneuver than a thin slippery brush or those tiny twig brushes than come with the pots. Even pen liners with brush tips are tricky because the brush flops around throwing off your perfect line. The felt tip is sturdy and distributes an even line of liner the whole way.

The best part is the look is exactly the same and no one will know that your liner took the experience level of a five year old.

-Kat Bremhorst

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NARS Eyeliner Stylo, $27




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