Leighton Meester’s Vera Wang Fragrance Ad. Love It or Leave It?

May 3, 2011 • Beauty, Celebrity Style, Industry

Leighton Meester for Vera Wang's Lovestruck

After all the fun we had critiquing Kirsten Dunst in the (in)famous Bulgari fragrance commercial, we realized we simply had to do it again with the latest starlet turned fragrance face, Leighton Meester for Vera Wang. Whether you object or approve of the actresses-as-models movement that's been taking over the ad world for some time, you have to admit it's an interesting study to see if said actress-turned-model can pull off the image the designer is trying to convey. 

For Wang's tonic, Lovestruck, Meester plays the part of a sort of modern day Juliet—balcony and all. But instead of overlooking a lavish garden, Meester is poised on a balcony in downtown New York. And instead of a pantalooned Romeo climbing up to bring her posies, she has a 5' o clock-shadowed, leather-clad lover to look forward to. Bottomline: it's kind of an 'oh please' moment.

But as cheesy and trite as the campaign concept may be, we have to admit Meester looks smashing and holds the role of leading lady in an ad campaign surprisingly well (determined to hold up to Blake Lively's Chanel campaign, are we?) Her couture Vera Wang is every inch the personification of romance it should be and it's nice to see Meester showing off her sexual side for a change. She looks hot. 'Nuff said. As for her clamoring Romeo, well…..he gets more of 'meh'.

What do you think of Meester's Vera Wang debut? Better than Kirsten's? Worse? If you thik this is bad, just wait till we get to discussing Gwyneth Paltrow for Coach! 

-Alia Rajput

Photo Source: People.com

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