Shirtdresses Step Up

May 5, 2011 • Trends


Allie Hilfiger returned from Paris last summer with a singular shirtdress that set her on the track to start her own label NAHM that's starting off with a shirtdress. Her whole line is revolving around the concept of the simplicity and the transcending of one item of clothing through seasons and dress codes.

Allie's shirtdress craze is coming at an appropriate time with the trend popping up on runways from Prada to Michael Kors for the fall. This new shirtdress though is sexier and made with new materials and colors so while the classic is still there, we're loving the breath of fresh air. 

While the shirtdresses are labeled for fall, this staple is year-round. For the summer it's all about bare legs and one less button buttoned. For the fall, add tights and a sweater. This is the one piece your wardrobe can't do without. 

-Kat Bremhorst

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  1. robe si gentil. i love this one

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