Insert Slot A Into Slot B For Shoes?

May 11, 2011 • Blahnik Tonic, Lifestyle, Sign of the Times, Yahoo

Sometimes you should have to work a little harder for your footwear than just spreading out the purchase across five credit cards. Sometimes you should have to assemble your own shoes? United Nude created a shoe conscious of the lunar environment and ready only for indoor and outer-space wear.

The shoe destined for space had to be lightweight and easy for travel, so it comes ready to be assembled. The shoe is appropriate for gravity dense planets or your next party of nerdy shoephiles. The platform shoes tops are even customizable so you’ll never have to deal with the embarrassment of a shoe twin.

Each shoe takes no longer than ten minutes to assemble with the 3-D cut out platform and the molded foam sole. The leather straps keep your feet in place while exploring the party or another planet.

I’d rather just go back to my ways of splitting payments…

-Kat Bremhorst

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