XOJane.com Launches Today (Minus Tavi)

May 16, 2011 • Fashion, Fashion Blog, Girl Gab (Gossip), Industry, Lifestyle, Social Media

Today marks the official launch of Jane Pratt’s XOJane.com and the ex-Sassy editor does not disappoint. There are plenty of stories to keep you entertained, including Pratt’s own “Yes, I’m exactly twice as old as when I started Sassy — Want to make something of it?” It is seemingly a cross between a beauty online magazine and expertise with a witty Jezebel touch.

Many will remember the hoopla when rumors floated around that Tavi Gevinson would be joining the XOJane.com staff but she is noticeably absent from the launch. And there is a reason for that. Pratt spoke to Fashionista about why the teen-blogger is not available on XOJane: “At one point we talked about having it as a channel, but really what it came down to…I feel like with teen stuff…I feel like they do still want their own place. That it’s not a place for their teachers, or their moms.

Well, that’s a nice way of saying Gevinson shouldn’t be at a website where one of the headling articles is called “I obsessively monitor my husband’s lube bottle”.

-Taneisha Jordan

Source: Fashionista
Photo: Racked

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