Mondo Guerra Releasing a Jewelry Line

May 17, 2011 • Accessories, Bling/Jewelry, Designers, Fashion Blog, Television

Even though Mondo Guerra lost on Project Runway, he seems to be doing well for himself.

The reality fashion show runner-up has just released pictures for his upcoming jewelry line and it’s everything you can expect from Mondo. Bright primary colors and oversized geometric shapes in triangles and circles , that will hopefully be released next month. Guerra spoke to New York Magazine about this upcoming adventure, evening noting that there will be a low price point.

“It’s inspired by Paco Rabanne and [Piet] Mondrian, so it’s a lot of primary colors and geometric shapes,” Guerra said. “In a tribute to Paco, I wanted to do something with unusual materials, so this whole collection is made out of Plexiglass. Everything’s about $35-$40.” And don’t worry about them being heavy. “The ones we’re selling, you will be able to hold them down all day, no problem. The earrings won’t give you saggy lobe.”

Hopefully, he’ll be making a spot on the upcoming Project Runway All-Stars.  We’re sure TV land misses him just as much as us…

-Taneisha Jordan

Source; Photos: NY Mag

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