5 Not So-Sublte Hints for My Birthday (Under $500)

May 17, 2011 • Shopping

So…I didn’t get any of the Mother’s Day/birthday suggestions I made last month! Clearly my husband is not reading our blog with any regularity. However, I did get a very lovely Mother’s Day gift, a chance to sleep in and a wonderful breakfast made by said husband so I am in no way complaining. It was a perfect second Mother’s Day. Over this past weekend my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday and asked to keep it under $500. That’s fair. It’s not a special birthday and since we are expecting again at the end of the summer, we have a lot of additional expenses we were not planning on. What can I say? This little nugget was an unexpected, but pleasant surprise!

Hmm, I had to give this some thought. What would I really like that costs less than $500? I came up with five plausible options:

1. Enzo Angiolini Shoes, Darwyn Espadrille Wedges, $110

We did a post on espadrilles last month and ever since I could not get these out of my mind. I know my husband would never buy me a pair of shoes, but I still would love these. As much as I love the super high wedge style that is trendy right now, they scare me when I am this pregnant. I need to be a little closer to the ground as I feel my balance is a bit off and these fit the bill. I love this shade of navy.

2. Tiffany Locks Vintage Lock Pendant, $350

Two years ago I had to have a Tiffany Key and now I love the lock. But only the two-tone one. I don’t care if it’s with yellow or rose gold, I just know I want the medium sized one. Tiffanys has a HUGE selection of locks starting at very little for the small silver version.

3. Michael Kors Rose-Gold-Dial Chronograph Watch, $250

I am admittedly obsessed right now with rose gold. Since I know this is a trend this is about as much as I would spend on a watch. The Michael Kors version is my favorite.

4. Mallarin Jazmin 24-Karat Gold-Vermeil Emerald Snake Bracelet, $360

I already own a gold snake cuff, but it’s huge and I seldom wear it. This bracelet is more of an every day staple. I am sure I would wear it to death.

5. Tom Ford ‘Jennifer’ Oval Frame Sunglasses, $360

I know this style is so four years ago, but when it comes to shades, I feel you need to pick what looks best on your face rather than the hottest trend. I have tried these on. Numerous times. I would really love a pair in dark brown. Or black.

Now, could someone PLEASE send this link to my husband? I will report back if I get any of the above. Wish me luck!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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