Essence: The Hottest German Cosmetic Brand is Ready to Glamorize the USA!

May 20, 2011 • Beauty, Fashion Blog

I had the opportunity on Wednesday to attend a shopping party for essence cosmetics at the cutest little yogurt shop, berry wild! I had so much fun with the products; everyone should check them out! The German based brand has swept through Europe with great success (I can see why!), so I’m really excited about the brand’s launch in Ulta stores here in the US. The brand is so young, so fun and ridiculously affordable! Seriously you can’t go wrong- at prices from 99 cents a pop, to around four dollars, every thing’s such a steal! There’s no reason not to try these purely fun products, especially because essence offers so many hot new formulas and current color trends.

The brand allows you to really go wild, and try out new trends, and new shades without breaking the bank.  After seeing the amazing colors, and up-to-date formulas, you’ll be so ready to scoop it all up, and try it out for yourself… I know I did! With a truly passionate and friendly team behind the brand, the enthusiasm really shines through in every product. Unlike most other lower priced makeup brands- a big focus is put on the customers needs, trend forecasting, quality and the unique formulas. I couldn’t ask for more, especially at this price point! The makeup is so girly and so young; a girl of any age will have a total blast with it!

My favorites so far are the mascaras. There are loads of options and cool new brush shapes. And as a real mascara junkie, I couldn’t be happier! I can’t wait to try out the “multi action false lashes mascara”!  I’ve also been hearing nothing but amazing feedback about the “forget it! 3-in-1 concealer”, which is rumored to cover absolutely everything leaving zero need for a foundation! That’s going to me a must have for me, I can tell already! I’m also excited about the jelly eyeliner in plum with the brush applicator, the “xxxl nudes lipgloss”, and of course the adorable pastel/glitter shades of nail polishes (I am a total nail polish freak!). I felt like a kid in a candy shop wanting to test a little of everything, and at these prices… you really can! Thats the beauty of this brand, it allows you to go crazy and be daring with dozens of different looks without the guilt of a splurge. I’ve already been having a blast at home trying things Id never think to do- and loving it! I’ve tested everything from concealer covered lips with a nude gloss overtop to their perfect shades eye eyebrow pencils offered. Stuff I never had tried before! I’ve been genuinely impressed with the quality, the formulas, and even the perfect applicators offered with everything. I am so excited about all these new toys to play with, and endless different makeup trends for summer! I know you’ll be ready for more as soon as you check it out; it’s all you could ever need, while allowing you to play and have fun at the same time!

–Alyssa Buishas

Photos: Second City Style

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