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May 23, 2011 • Accessories, Magazine, Male Box

Between the recent royal wedding and the U.S.’ own Triple Crown racing season, hats are on everyone’s minds. June brides all over America have their wedding planners scrambling to get “that dress”;  women who were dreading sitting at the singles tables are now focused on finding the right hat to nose out their competition. My friends and clients are all begging me to help them find the right hat to go with the dresses they bought or ordered months ago. I thought I’d share my advice in case you were are about to embark on your own personal wedding guest – or garden party – season. Here are a few great basic hats that will get you through wedding season – and the rest of summer.

If the idea of wearing a hat has you worried about standing out too much, then opt for keeping it all very neutral. Eugenia Kim is the go-to milliner for high-end department store shoppers. Her straw fedora with the red and blue faux hat band and bow that is actually dyed onto the straw is the perfect option to enliven any neutral outfit. A regular fedora adds a dash of attitude to any hairstyle. If you wear your hair down and full, you may want a hat with a higher crown like Burberry’s red Trilby, which also features a shorter snap brim. The bright pop of color will be dead on for the season.

If summer means spectator pumps to you, then opt for a two-tone fedora. I just ordered a fresh pair of white bucks with a chambray saddle to get me through several upcoming destination weddings whose climate simply demands seersucker! For those events, I’ll be sporting a navy-and-white fedora similar to the one pictured. If you plan to wear your hair back or up, then a fedora that features a crown of one color and brim of another is the perfect option. The lighter brim will create a halo that will have you looking like the freshest thing at any wedding short of the microvegetable salad at the singles table.

If fedoras simply aren’t feminine enough for you, fear not!  The cloche is the perfect shape for you. If you’re planning to wear floral flounced chiffon a la Daisy Buchanan, keep your hat solid.  A straw cloche will instantly solve any hair dilemmas and keep you looking your Great Gatsby best. Who knows? You may even kick up a Charleston or two – or wind up doing the Bunny Hug with your handsome dinner partner.
If you’re no stranger to drama, then why not go bold with a wide brimmed Missoni? Keep your hair pulled back and the signature wave pattern will draw all eyes in the room to your face. Remember, you’ll be seated through most of the ceremony and reception, so even the most attention calling dress won’t have any effect until the dancing starts. By then, you’ll have already locked up all the eligible possibilities.

By far, my favorite hat of the season in the Lanvin’s floppy brimmed straw number.  Think of it as the summer version of J Lo’s Gucci felt version. The neutral color ensures it will go with anything all summer long. Take off the removable bow and dress it up with one or more amazing statement necklaces around the crown or consider wrapping your head in your favorite vintage Pucci scarf before popping it on. This hat will carry your through the entire summer season!

1. Eugina Kim Max Rafia Fedora, $275

2. Burberry Synthetic Straw Trilby, $250

3. Nordstrom Two Tone Straw Fedora, $29

4. Nordstrom Two Tone Straw Fedora, $32

5. Nordstrom ‘Summer’ Straw Cloche Hat, $48

6. Missoni Crochet-Knit Sunhat, $495

7. Lanvin Swarovski Crystal Pin-Embellished Straw Hat, $945

—Joseph Ungoco

Image Layout: Molly Murphy

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