Marc Jacobs Knows Justin Bieber is a Copycat

June 1, 2011 • Beauty, Designers, Fashion Blog, Fashion News of a Third Kind

Bridget Foley
from WWD asks the hard hitting questions, the ones the public truly cares about… like, what’s with the Justin Bieber perfume bottle?! Foley caught up with Jacobs to talk about the award he will receive from the CFDA on Monday for the Geoffrey Been Lifetime Achievement Award and of course, the topic veered…

Bridget Foley.: About fragrance branding, have you seen the Justin Bieber fragrance bottle?
Marc Jacobs.: Yes.

B.F.: Does it remind you of anything?
M.J.: Yep, yep. We just had a conversation about it. Coty said, “Do we sue them?” and I said, “You know what? Let everyone else say what they want.” I received Google [Alerts] about people saying it was derivative. We’re not going to do anything about it.

B.F.: That bottle is very similar to your Lola.
M.J.: But you know, I look around the room and I look at the work we’ve done and a quote I always bastardize but I really believe in, is something Chanel said: “He who insists on his own creativity has no memory.”

– Taneisha Jordan

Source: WWD
Photos:; WWD

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