Duckie Brown Branches Into Women’s Wear

June 3, 2011 • Designers, Fashion, Fashion Blog, Industry

Designers Steven Cox and Daniel Silver of Duckie Brown

What happens when a prominent men’s label, known for outlandish and sometimes effeminate designs, suddenly decides to do women’s wear?

Seemingly we’ll have an answer  soon with the announcement of Duckie Brown’s upcoming women’s wear line. The designers behind the raucously fun label, Steven Cox and Daniel Silver, have decided that their days of embellished separates and neon colored suits (10 years worth!) have provided the perfect springboard into designing for women. “I suppose our stuff sometimes lends itself to women’s wear,” says Cox. “There’s a sense of color, a sense of humor and fun. We use organza, gazar, chiffon, which are classically women’s fabrics, but what makes a fabric a man’s or a woman’s? It doesn’t have a penis or a vagina.” Silver chimes in: “We’ve never been very good at limiting ourselves.”

Pieces from Mrs. Brown

So the move to women’s wear seems to be no surprise—yet the approach these boisterous boys are planning for the line kind of is. Having been named Mrs. Brown, one would think it would embody at least as slight sense of ladylike charm, if not a demure matriarchal aesthetic. But Cox and Silver seem to want to keep their feminine features t to their menswear. Mrs. Brown will be a study in the extents of tomboyhood.

Knitwear will be a main feature for the line, yet styled in a distressed, half-haphazard way that will channel the glorious grunge era of the early 90’s. Off-kilter sleeves, asymmetrical hemlines, one-sided ruching—all the elements that one would expect for a breakout women’s wear line. “That’s kind of us,” says Cox. “We went the other way, which we always do. If you’re telling me no, I want yes.” Other items will include a tank dress, a wrap hoodie, beanies, woven shirts, leather and denim jackets, skinny pants and a trouser. Both designers say the collection, which will debut for fall, will sell at a contemporary pricepoint and that “there will always be a dialogue” between the men’s and women’s wear line in the nature of using the same fabrics, echoing styles, etc.

Pieces from Mrs. Brown

“This is absolutely the DNA of men’s wear for women,” Silver says. “We’re not doing girly-girly clothing, we’re not doing ballgowns — at least not today.”

-Alia Rajput

Article and Photo Source: WWD


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