Net-a-Porter Live: Learn What’s Selling in Real Time

June 16, 2011 • Fashion Blog, Shopping

According to the NY Post, “Net-a-Porter Live” (an interactive Web page that gives an up-to-the-minute snapshot of worldwide customer activity) launched on yesterday.  A world map on the site’s “Live” page blinks and flashes at any given moment with little, black Net-a-Porter shopping bags to signal a customer has added an item to her shopping cart or her list of favorites.

A user might see a Beijing shopper add a Stella McCartney dress or a browser in Mexico City put aside a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps.

The company has been seeing great use for this ability to see sales in real-time internally. “We started to realize pretty quickly that it could also be a shopping tool, a way for customers to get new ideas,” said vice president Alison Loehnis.

Don’t worry about your privacy. The Live page won’t reveal shoppers’ names or locations more specific than their city. For now…

Check out Net-a-Porter Live here.

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