Celebrity Style: The Krazy Kouture of Kim Kardashian

June 20, 2011 • Celebrity Style, Magazine

Kim Kardashian seems to have everything going for her. She has money. She’s got a beautiful family and she is close to her sisters. She’s credited with more than the one reality show and has made the Kardashian sisters television sensations…she’s a mega-watt brand.  Now, she’s also got an engagement and a pending NBA basketball husband.

But here’s the real question.  Does this mega-watt star have fashion taste? Sure, she has a style she can call her own—a mix of European and designer—and the luxury to choose from a wide range of high-end cosmetics, accessories and clothing labels (including the one she shares with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney and her collaborations with Bebe.) But does she have style? Can she work many different looks, and what do those curvy hips and that JLo inspired behind really do for the way this socialite wears clothes?

Kim is versatile, we’ll give her that.  She can rock many different styles, but still stays true to trends with a twist that flaunts her buff (and voluptuous) bod. Here’s what works for her.

1. She’s Not Afraid To Look Sharp

Back in the days that came before her hit reality shows, when ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ was first getting started, I remember Kim Kardashian was always the seen wearing crisp high-waist trousers and button down shirts.  She continues her menswear-inspired motif to this day by trading in those pin stripes and pleats for pencil skirts and bold shouldered blazers, which she sports on her fitter frame religiously.

2. She’s Not Afraid To Wear Graphic Prints

As we all know, Kim Kardashian is prone to wear form fitting minidresses. But what we really love about this bold fashion chick is that she’s not always going for them in black, white, or solid colors.  Whether it’s a mixed pattern Rachel Roy dress or this playful Mara Hoffman frock, this Kardashian knows fashion through the world of graphic prints.

3. She’s Not Afraid To Wear Color

No girl is perfect.  Not even a celebrity.  So when Kim wore that atrocious purple midriff showing top with the orange high-waist pencil skirt (the entire ensemble was actually a Gucci dress), the gold belt, and the turquoise shoes, SCS thought, “OMG Kim WTF Were You Thinking?” But we like the fact she wears color, even when it amps up her curvaceous bod.  Takes these J Brand blue corduroys for instance! SCORE!

4. She’s Not Afraid To Wear White

Kim may be curvy, but she’s not afraid to wear white—even after Labor Day.  We saw her in a cool white halter gown at the Monte Carlo Grand Prix and here she is rocking a Alaia mini at the Kids Choice Awards.  We can all learn a thing or two from the sophisticated socialite with the hourglass frame.  What others may see as imperfections, she works to her advantage and she always plays up her flaws, which in turn become the best things about her body.

5. She’s Not Afraid To Wear Leggings

We’ll say it again.  Kim Kardashian is a real woman.  By real we mean fit, even skinny, some would call it—but she has real meat in the places that matter, especially in that lower region butt and legs.) Now they say that someone who’s bigger down there should trade tight leggings for denim, but Kim say, “Oh no! I’ll wear what I want!” And she wears those leggings all the time! (Here with a beautiful Alexander McQueen top.)

— Simona Kogan

Photos: People.com

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  1. dietcokeho says:

    I LOVE her style and I have a similar body so I like to look for her for style ideas..she is definately talented when finding what to wear-i wonder if she has a stylist she uses for her every day ensembles?

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