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June 21, 2011 • Designers, Fashion Blog, Industry

What made John Galliano crack?

After speculation that John Galliano would remain in his Arizona rehab facility during his trial in Paris tomorrow, authorities have confirmed that the ousted head of Dior will indeed attend his own trial for public disturbance. According to Vogue UK, this Wednesday’s trial will be heard by three judges (no jury is required for cases considered to be “minor” in France) and significant press presence is expected as the court is public and anyone is able to attend. The initial hearing is likely to last between four and five hours with witnesses from both sides testifying, including the couple who was reportedly harassed by Galliano in a Parisian cafe.

As for Galliano’s recent activity, the designer has been in a rehab facility in Arizona since early March and close sources say that’s is likely to be where he will stay. “John is still in rehab,” a source told told Vogue UK. “The treatment will be long and arduous – and ongoing for a long time in the future – but he is humble, apologetic and hopeful that he can recover.” Meanwhile, members of the media and industry insiders are still trying to decode what happened to Galliano in the first case, what dragged him over the edge. Longtime fashion commentator Colin McDowell pontificated in the Sunday Times Style that Galliano’s behavior was in part due to negligence by the heads of LVMH and Dior.

“Galliano was the goose laying the golden eggs. Didn’t anyone care enough for the future of Dior, and the unique position of couture, that his genius had helped to create, to try to help him out? Are we to believe that colleagues at all levels were too afraid to address the problem? Why was Galliano, vulnerable and drunk, possibly upset by some intractable design problem, allowed to wander Paris, alone, done up in a way that would immediately draw attention?”, McDowell wrote. But despite the alleged responsibility of Galliano’s higher powers, a member of Galliano’s former team reportedly told McDowell that many of the pressures Galliano was under were put on by himself. “He was put under impossible pressure, not only by the demands made by Dior, but also what he demanded of himself. John is a method designer, like a method actor. He doesn’t just design a collection – he becomes the collection. He role-plays every part of it.” More news on the John Galliano trial as events unfold.

-Alia Rajput

Article Source: Vogue UK

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