Factor Women Finds a New Way to Get Discovered

June 23, 2011 • Fashion Blog, Sign of the Times, Social Media, Yahoo

Want to be discovered for your excellent modeling abilities? There’s an app for that!

Factor Women and Chosen Models have just announced the launch of their new iPhone and iPad Application – the first ever such Application allowing models to be discovered via iPhone or iPad. The free application gives aspiring models instant submission capabilities straight from their phone, allows offline featured model portfolio viewing, and access to an events and updates calendar.

“Our audience is finding the iPhone to be a fantastic platform to BE DISCOVERED as a model,” explained the Factor Women press release. “Our new iPhone application provides aspiring models with an instant, easy to use, more personalized experience, and greater access to our agencies whether they are on or offline.”

Can’t wait to try it out! The app is available online right now at iTunes.com.

-Taneisha Jordan

Photo: newfaces.com

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