Designer Dish. Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford Are Not Happy with the Industry These Days

June 24, 2011 • Designers, Fashion Blog, Industry


Giorgio Armani

An acidic outburst by Giorgio Armani after his Milan men’s show on Tuesday had left members of the media in an awkward silence. According to WWD, them man behind the legendary label told the Italian press that houses such as Dolce & Gabbana and Prada “make men look ridiculous” and blamed the media for not being more critical about “clownish styles that men don’t wear.” Seemingly out of disgust, Armani said that is that “fashion today is in the hands of the banks and of the stock market and not of their owners,” stressing how he doesn’t need to do an IPO because his company is independent and doesn’t have debts (which Prada is currently struggling with), and that his clothes make men look more handsome and elegant. Eek. Italian designer catfight.

Meanwhile, Tom Ford recently performed his own tongue lashing when he told Time Out Hong Kong on the topic of having kids, “If I have children, no one will know about it until the child is born. And no one will ever see the child because I certainly wouldn’t use it as a press tool. If I have a child, you’ll see and notice that I had a child. Maybe you’ll see it when it’s 18, but I will keep it out of the spotlight. I wouldn’t use it as a press tool, as some people I know, have, recently.” Ouch. Who could he possibly be referring to? (cough, cough Rachel Zoe…..). It seems even the most distinguished gentleman in the world have bad days!

-Alia Rajput


Article Source: WWD, NY Mag

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