Shady Business: Choosing The Right Pair of Sunglasses

July 5, 2011 • Accessories, Fashion Blog

Most people miss the mark when it comes to selecting the perfect shades – caving into fashion and opting for the latest trends. Purchasing the perfect sunnies requires commitment, making sure you try on several options before you pull the trigger. When looking to invest in sunglasses, I recommend high-end shades over cheapies to ensure a good fit, comfort, longevity and style.

Before starting your sunglass scavenger hunt, first determine your face shape, which will help cut down on the oodles of sunglass options. Another sure-fire way to select the most flattering frames is to get a second opinion before making your purchase. Bring along a good friend to provide an honest critique  and find out if you really look good in those sunglasses.

So skip out on the trends (Wahhh – I know; it’s tough!) and work with what you’ve got! Trust me – nothing feels better then putting on a pair of face flattering, beautiful sunglasses in the heat of the summer!

Universal Rule:

Keep sunglasses proportioned to your face. For example, those with wider faces should steer clear of small specs. If your face is smaller, avoid that dreaded “bug look” by not going over board with enormous shades.

Face Shapes:

Round: My favorite? Sturdy shades sporting a slight cat eye, will add just the right amount of curve to a round face shape. Balenciaga Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses, $345

Heart: Delicate wire frames, such as aviators, look excellent on heart shaped faces! Ray-Ban Original Aviator Sunglasses, $140

Square: Select shades with a round edge to soften a strong jawbone. Gucci Young Project Cat Eye Sunglasses, $220

Oval: Medium wide frames add balance to a long, oval face. Ray-Ban Classic Wayfer Sunglasses, $145

—Elise Ford

Image Layout: Elise Ford

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