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July 13, 2011 • Beauty, Fashion Blog, Luxury

Even though it’s still summer, dark eye makeup seems to be the way to be go. Many are showing up with not just dark eyes but with accents to bring a different flavor to the mix. The Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Chanel couture show featured models with heavily dark violet, black and gunmetal shadows with a see-through black lace veil over the eyes. The effect mimic the look of a thief in the night. The look also brings a bit of sophistication to a look that might be conceived to be a bit on the boring side and overdone.

Actress Emma Watson also featured the look on the red carpet during the New York premiere of the final Harry Potter installment on Monday. From a distance, it just looks as if the starlet just has dark shadow with a bit of gold shimmer on the brow bone and inner eye but upon closer inspection, you can see that she has some gold-leaf detailing on the outside. The touch adds some softness to a dark eye that could be perceived as a bit too severe.

This could be just the thing! A little something different to stand out in a room of regular smoky-eyed tartlets. Could this be a new trend for fall?

-Taneisha Jordan

Source; Photos:; Glam UK

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