Because You’ve (Secretly) Always Loved Steve Buscemi

July 13, 2011 • Fashion Blog, Fashion News of a Third Kind

There are few things in this world that makes you sit up straight in your chair, examine the evidence for a few minutes and still have you in a state of confusion for quite some time. I present you one of those things: the Steve dress, also known as a Lycra tank dress with a photo of actor Steve Buscemi emblazoned across the front.

Who in the world thought up such a thing, you ask? Well, the good folks at Black Milk Clothing bring it to you from the Australian designer James Lillis. For just a mere $100, this dress can be yours. Amaze and befuddle your friends! Confuse your parents on your apparent life choices! Wonder why you just spent $100 on a tank dress that has a huge and not even flattering picture of character actor Steve Buscemi! This dress has many functions, mostly all ending in someone’s confusion.

And in case you were worried that you would have to search the inter-webs far and wide for this delicacy of an item, you can find it at the Black Milk Clothing website.

– Taneisha Jordan

Source: Black Milk Clothing

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  1. Carol says:

    I agree – this dress is very funny – but now I am starting to like it!

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