Newsflash! Sarah Jessica Parker Leaves Halston Heritage

July 13, 2011 • Fashion Blog

Wait……what? Media outlets are all atwitter this morning from one harmless little sentence, an afterthought really, that carried with it a heavy chunk of news. As the cover girl of this month’s Vogue “Age Issue”, Sarah Jessica Parker sat down with Vogue staffer Eve MacSweeney for an unassuming dish fest when this little bit of gossip leaked out:

When Sex and the City, to her own surprise, made her a fashion star, she launched her own design label and perfumes, as well as signing on to run the Halston Heritage label, a relationship that recently came to an end.

Talk about news that’s fit to print! Parker had signed on as president and chief creative officer of Halston’s contemporary label, Halston Heritage, last January when it launched. Though the Vogue article does not state why, speculation today states that Parker’s reason for leaving after such a short time may have had to do with the letting go of Halston’s CEO Bonnie Takhar last winter, with whom Parker shared a close bond. Fashionista ponders it may be that her contract was up and she merely chose not to renew it due to the growing demand of her life as a t.v. producer, movie star and mother of three.

Yet New York Magazine wonders if Parker’s presence at the label actually did more harm than good since, as a serious fashion label, investors may have been turned off by the celebrity presence (think: Lindsay Lohan and Emanuel Ungaro). Either way, she at least helped launch the line into the public eye and hopefully, it now has enough clout to keep itself afloat. And what will Parker walk away with? At the very least, she’ll get a lifetime of Halston Heritage dresses and couple hours more sleep every night.


-Alia Rajput

Article Source: Fashionoligie, Fashionista, NY Mag

Photo Source: NY Mag

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