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July 14, 2011 • Accessories, Fashion Blog, Lifestyle, Luxury


Looking chic on vacation is no easy endeavor. While traveling to new, exotic locations, who doesn’t want to look their best and feel like a local? I’ve always had a pet peeve about wearing gym shoes with everyday clothes; it feels so touristy and can completely ruin a perfectly good ensemble!  Yet I was forced to eat my words, as I wandered Parisian streets for hours wearing those dreaded gym shoes.  It killed me; here I was in the fashion capital of the world, but with endless roaming and unpredictable weather, my feet thanked me the next morning as I headed to Versailles.

Even if you are forced to sacrifice some style for comfort, there’s still hope for looking chic. It’s the little extras such as toting a sweet suitcase or sporting a classy carryall that saves the day. Simply packing your garments in smart luggage or a du jour trunk, you’ll allude luxury and class!  Or storing your makeup and toiletries in a funky, printed case will bring a smile to your face every time you grab for that travel toothpaste. It may seem frivolous, but the little things can bring joy and pleasure to your everyday routine, whether you’re home or on the road.

1. Heys USA eCase Exotic Green Flow, $137

2. Vera Bradley Jewelry Box, $35

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Nylon Backpack, $228

4. Sephora Collection Electric Safari Bag Collection-Blue Cheetah, $37

5. Crown Edition by Heys Crown X 30 Spinner Case (Pink), $300

6. Saks Fifth Avenue Leather Luggage Tag, $25

7. Vera Bradley Garment Bag, $130

-Elise Ford

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