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July 18, 2011 • Magazine, Style Sleuth

I have a bit of an obsession lately. It seems to have appeared out of nowhere. I can’t explain why but for some reason, I have this insatiable urge to… put something on my head. Maybe it’s because I feel the need to block my head from the intense heat of the sun as of late. Or maybe it’s because the stormy Chicago winds have been out of control, but wearing some kind of headpiece gives me comfort that everything will soon be alright.

I actually do have a method to this madness. I do not just want to throw any old baseball cap and call it a day. There are ways of making headpieces become part of your outfit without going overboard or looking like you threw on a hat carelessly. A simple fedora is a staple that never fails to liven up an outfit. A piece like this adds just a bit of whimsy to whatever you’re wearing. Veils and fascinators are also high in the fun department. And with the right makeup, it can give you just an air of vintage mystery without making you completely unapproachable.

Sometimes, you may start with a simple outfit. Maybe a white button down and shorts, or a little black dress. This is where the outlandish headpiece comes into play, also known as the “conversation starter.” Feel free to get as crazy as you like. From oversized bows to awkward vintage pieces, if it can sit on your head, then wear it! Just a quick tip: not many people can forget (or resist) a cute girl in a tophat.

1. Gucci Trilby Hat, $495
2. Madewell Panama Hat, $58
3. Diesel Preben, $40
4. Blugirl Bluemarine, $180
5. Portolano Black Wool Sequin Beret, $115
6. Eugenia Kim Carmella Linen Slouchy Cap, $165
7. Goorin Brother Macey Floppy, $44

—Taneisha Jordan

Image Layout: Molly Murphy

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