Legally Yours: 16 Counterfeit Web Sites Shut Down By the Feds

July 29, 2011 • Fashion Blog, Legally Yours

Maybe it’s because I am married to a lawyer or possibly because I think fakes suck, but I always love a good counterfeit bust! I just makes my day a little brighter. According to today’s WWD, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement served court orders seizing 16 domain names of Web sites selling primarily counterfeit apparel and accessories over the Internet on Thursday.

Thirteen brands were involved: Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Lacoste, New Era, Nike, The North Face, Oakley, Puma, Ralph Lauren, Ray-Ban, Sons of Anarchy, Tory Burch and UGG. Man, would I be pissed if I found out my TB Revas were fakes! During their investigation, federal law enforcement agents made undercover purchases from online retailers suspected of selling counterfeit goods. So they went ahead and purchased shoes, boots, sneakers, jackets, shirts, hats and sunglasses. All fakes.

“American business is under assault from counterfeiters,” said ICE director John Morton. “These counterfeits represent a triple threat by delivering shoddy and sometimes dangerous goods into commerce, by funding organized criminal activities, and by denying Americans good-paying jobs.” And that is really just a part of the story. Think about all of the child labor laws that are broken not to mention the taxes that we have to pay to make up for this!

“Legitimate creators, performers and craftspeople who grow and support the economy through their hard work and talents must have their intellectual property protected,” said U.S. Attorney William J. Hochul Jr., of the Western District of New York. “In today’s age, the theft of another’s property, to include one’s ideas, is just as likely to occur over the Internet as it is on the streets of the community. By using court-ordered warrants to seize a particular Web site or domain, our office is using 21st century techniques to combat criminals operating in the virtual world.”

Word. Keep up the good work! making shopping over the Internets safe for us all…

Source: WWD



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