Like It or Loathe It: Christian Louboutin’s Eco Trash Platform Slingback

August 3, 2011 • Blahnik Tonic, Fashion Blog, Yahoo

Christian Louboutin's Eco Trash Platform Slingback


Shoe guru Christian Louboutin has always been known for bringing eccentric ideas to life in his highly coveted footwear. The designer, whose recently been in an ugly legal battle with both YSL and Dior over the use of his signature red soles, has not stopped the creative juices flowing with his latest—and one of the most bizarre— shoe innovations. In an attempt to follow those three little words that are so crucial to soicety: reduce, reuse, recycle, Louboutin has introduced an “eco-friendly” platform pump, tagged the Eco Trash Platform Slingback. Yet there are no natural dyed fabrics or sustainable materials here, as one may see in traditional eco-friendly fashion; this 6-inch pump is comprised of leopard-print fabric, golden Water Snakeskin and actual trash from the designer’s Paris atelier. Huh.

Glamour magazine asked Neiman Marcus, who is currently selling the garbage-laden Eco Trash heel (for $1, 095, mind you!), what other melange of mayhem the shoes may include. They noted, “pieces of thread, postage stamps, scribbled sticky notes, leftover sequins and fabric swatches from seasons past.” So really, you do get an actual part of the creative process t wear on your feet. No two pairs are alike and we’re pretty sure no two shoes in the same pair would be alike! So, edgy? Yes. One of a kind? Yes. Worth the splurge? We’re not so sure. I mean, it is still a $1,000 shoe boasting shellacked garbage (didn’t we make those in crafts camp once?) But no one can deny the Eco Trash Platform Slingbacks are reflective of Louboutin’s envelope-pushing style and they serve up a one of a kind statement. What you, dear readers, need to decide if that’s a statement you want to be associated with. What do you think?


-Alia Rajput

Article Source: Glamour

Photo Source: Neiman Marcus

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  1. Second City Style says:

    I “Like It!” Each pair is one of a kind, so they are fashion artwork from this time and place… How much would you spend for a Jackson Pollack?

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