Pret Reporteur: New City, New Baubles

August 8, 2011 • Magazine, Pret Reporteur

After eight years of living in Chicago, I’ve recently picked up and moved to New York City. Aside from my excitement over new museums and street vendor food (can you believe they’re illegal in Chicago?) I’ve arrived with a carefully curated list of boutiques and NYC haunts that I’m looking forward to doing more than just reading about, now that we’re sharing the same coast. Having fantasized about all the new ways I’ll be adorning myself, I can’t wait to dig in and scour some of the world’s best vintage and jewelry spots. New city, new baubles. Here’s where you’ll find me:

1. Catbird: Despite being entirely unattached to the institution of marriage, I am very attached to the institution of unique engagement rings. I have this secret, overwhelming fear that when I do finally receive one, it’ll be horrible, and silver, and princess cut, and all things hive-inducing, and how will I ever send it back? Luckily, Catbird exists. This Brooklyn boutique has the most sensational selection of unique and vintage-inspired jewelry as well as an entire cache of engagement and wedding rings that are not meant to look like engagement and wedding rings. Artisan paper products, candles and beauty items highlight the shop’s collection, culled from a handpicked blend of local and global designers. Beware, Catbird: you may not know it, but you and I are fixin’ to get hitched.

2. Frieda and Nellie: I love best friends. I have one, she’s great, and she constantly showers me with jewelry. It’s her love language, as she says, and the pieces she’s gifted to me from across the globe are some of the most special in my collection. Stacy Herzog and Sarah Reid’s vintage encrusted friendship bracelets come from and are inspired by their grandmothers’ personal jewelry collections — how fabulous is that? All handmade with brightly colored thread and luminous rhinestones, they’re wonderful for both layering and as their own personal statement pieces. While Frieda and Nellie has snuck onto this list as an exception (although they’re based in NYC, and that’s where the women live and shop for their pieces, the collection is actually sold at boutiques around the country), its quirky, unique flavor embodies everything I’m looking forward to about the NYC jewelry scene.

3.Love Adorned: Once, I threw this huge tassel I bought in Paris on a chain and called it a necklace. It’s now one of my favorite pieces in the world, but I’ve always lamented that I didn’t buy 20 more so that I could do weird things like wear them all at the same time. Thus, I cannot possibly explain my excitement about discovering Love Adorned and the huge feather tassel necklaces they just recently added to their shop. As I dove in and began to scour their site, I came upon their collection of vintage costume rings with enormous garnets and sapphires, exotic beaded necklaces reminiscent of ancient Mexican empires with their turquoise and burnt orange hues, and then, the creme de la creme of vintage jewelry: an entire display of finds entitled: “the weird ones.” I’m in.

4. Erica Weiner:  Erica Weiner’s jewelry, based on a “collection of curiosities” she has spent years building, is inspired by the quaint elegance of vintage with a sense of humor that infuses each piece with its own personality and story. A collection which combines hand-made jewelry with found objects (like an exquisite Georgian men’s ring, inspired by military signet rings and featuring the scripted initials “AR”), Weiner’s shop features timeless pieces that will remain forever stylish. I might just nab “AR’s” ring for myself. Who wouldn’t want a secret lover from another era?

5. Pippin Vintage Jewelry: A top pick for DANNIJO’s Danielle and Jodie Snyder, Pippin vintage is an ideal Manhattan spot for a catch-all of good vintage. Let’s be honest, when I see walls of hanging necklaces and cases filled with rings, I know there’s a whole world of one-of-a-kind pieces to be found. Pippin looks to be a place where you can always return to find new treasures and I’m looking forward to being a frequent customer.

— Amanda Aldinger

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