Saks Fifth Avenue to Debut Flash Sales

August 8, 2011 • Fashion Blog, Fashion for the Masses, Luxury, Shopping

And another one finally steps up to the 21st century…

Starting tomorrow, Saks Fifth Avenue is launching a regular flash sale site at operated by its Saks Direct team. “There will be five events in the first week, then seven events the following week, and nine events the week after that,” said Denise Incandela, president of Saks Direct and executive vice president at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The events will typically last 24 hours. After last year’s pilot program, Incandela said her team has been collecting data from that experience and is confident of being able to offer “appealing and relevant events” to the Saks customer. By the last week of August, the operation will  ramp up so sufficiently that there will be multiple events each day, she said.

Even though this will not be the first time that the luxury retailer has had “flash sales” or events as the like, will insure that these will be done more frequently – meaning all day, every day. Saks also plans on leveraging both its full price and flash sites in hopes of migrating the event-oriented consumer to the higher-end price points.

“We’re excited about this phase. Consumer behavior is changing rapidly and they’re embracing the flash sale market. This is a tremendous opportunity to attract new customers and increase the existing customer’s spend [on our site],” Incandela said.

– Taneisha Jordan

Source; Photo: WWD

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