Celebrity Style: The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. See What Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Katy Perry Wore

August 29, 2011 • Celebrity Style, Fashion Blog, Television

If you’re into fashion and celebrity style, then you must know that music stars are known for their fashion faux-pas…er, I meant fashion statements! Yes, well, in any case they’re always known for making some kind of statement. Whether that statement is good or bad remains to be seen. There’s no better time to see those statements in action then the annual MTV Video Music Awards.  This year, while Beyonce‘s pregnancy overshadowed–well just about everything–we also caught a plethora of “unique” styles that included everything from women dressing as men and men dressing as women, stuffed animal tails, glorious gowns, and glam minis.  Here’s what was in store for you at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.

Craziest Outfits

Nicki Minaj

If I could, I would tell you the designer of Nicki Minaj’s crazy jagged bodysuit, stuffed animal tail and face mask.  Otherwise, there are no words.


The same goes forNatassia Gail Zolot, better known as Kreayshawn, a rapper/singer/songwriter from Oakland, CA who gives new meaning to the words rainbow and Mickey Mouse.

Britney Spears

I would not put Britney Spears in this list were it not for those hideous shoes! The rest of the outfit from Moschino is obviously low key by default (and quite low key for Britney, I might add, though the typical Britney fashion faux-pas are still there.)

Katy Perry

Katy Perry never goes without making some kind of fashion statement whether it’s dying her locks or carrying a parasol. In this case, she’s also wearing a neon mini by Atelier Versace, which does add some glam to the mix until you realize that the way Katy Perry has styled the ensemble looks more cartoonish than cool. I do like the floral sequins and crystal and the blue sequins on the dress.

Katy Perry

After many media publications gave Christian Dior’s last show bad reviews (it was sans Galliano), we’re surprised that anyone wanted to wear one of designer Bill Gayten’s crazy clown ensembles.  Then again, if anyone would wear it, it would be Katy Perry! The style-hungry singer, who’s also known for wearing cartoonish designs by JC de Castelbajac, is probably the only person who would actually wear this outfit.

The cast of The Buried Life

I’m guessing the cast of this MTV reality documentary series that attempts to complete 100 Things To Do Before You Die decided to do one of those “100 Things” at the MTV VMAs? Could one of those things have been dressing up as girls for an MTV awards show?

Glamorous Gowns

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s gown was metallic, form fitting, and sexy in the back, but it also didn’t fit her well around her well-endowed assets (we’re talking about her rear, not her chest!)

Miley Cyrus

While a lot of fashion people gave this dress by Roberto Cavalli bad reviews, I actually thought it looked quite dapper on Miley.  While her style is reflecting her growth and maturity, let’s hope she actually grows and matures!


And now, the currently famous (and infamous) orange one-shouldered Lanvin dress that had Beyonce telling the world that she’s pregnant.

Selena Gomez

A little too gothic and vampire for our taste, but Selena chose a Julien McDonald gown with lace cutouts and a long cape.

Hot Minis

Metallics and colors were the trends for the minis this year at the VMAs.  Minis, as we all know, are a VMA staple and usually they range from the ultra-casual a la Katie Holmes to the super sparkly a la Demi.

Demi Lovato

Maria Menounos

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes, a presenter at the VMAs, messed up this beautiful Azzedine Alaia halter dress by dressing it down with beige lace-up booties. Ugh!

The girls of Jersey Shore

These girls also went all over the place with the trends choosing everything from animal prints to rainbow stripes to silver metallics.

Cutest Couples

Some of the best and worst dressed of the evening were the cute (almost too cute) couples that made us cringe.

Russell Brand and Katy Perry

Jason Trawick and Britney Spears

A bit strange how dapper and fatherly he looks and how dominatrix she looks!

Jionni Lavelle and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

Are they on or off? Looks like they’re back on. Whatever the case, Jionni looks like a true Italian dresser with the open button down and gray pants while Snooki looks beautiful, but over-the-top in comparison.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

And of course, the couple to end all couples, the well-dressed Justin Bieber and his counterpart Selena Gomez.  Nice FAKE glasses, Justin!

Photos: Wireimge

–Simona Kogan

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